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KW ANGEL FUND - Personal investment fund since 2010

KW Angel Fund is my personal angel investment fund. As of April 2020, I have made over 108 Investments.

43 direct investments and an additional 65 investments via Angellist, EquityZen and other syndicates.

I’m looking for great founders in NYC who are trying to make the intangible tangible by fully dedicating themselves to building a great company. My goal is to help a founder reach the point where an institutional investor can lead, price and diligence your next round of financing. As a fellow founder, my only goal is to help you. 
Investment Criteria
For the company, I am looking for strong founding teams, building software, with at least 50% of the team being technical. I’m interested in verticals and industries in which I have experience and domain expertise. (Ads, Martech, Enterprise, SaaS, SMB software, Health and Wellness).

I write small checks $5-10K to founders who are looking for me to have a strategic impact on their company. I also lead a syndicate with Sam Huleatt. If we both invest we can help bring in additional angels alongside an institutional lead. 
I have been an early executive and cofounder at 4 companies that have raise 4 seed rounds, 2 Series A rounds, 1 Series B round and 1 acquisition to Twitter as part of the MoPub team.

I help my portfolio companies to meet other angel investors, raise their next round, setup operations, build out sales, BD and success teams and make strategic decisions.

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